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Organizations are constantly looking for ways to increase profitability by reducing costs and maximizing revenue. One of the fastest growing items on an organization’s balance sheet are telecommunication expenses. Telecommunication expenses include a wide variety of services ranging from simple multiline telephone systems to very complex network infrastructures. Each year, millions of dollars are paid to telecom providers to deliver technological services to support business needs in an effort to remain competitive.

We make the complex simple

Quite often, telecommunication services are invoiced through complicated systems that make billing difficult to understand and make mass systemic billing errors almost impossible to find. PathSetters offers clients an opportunity to reduce their telecom expenses without risk!

Our primary service, identifying billing errors, is a contingency based service. We don’t get paid unless we find savings. We also provide complete dispute resolution for claims filed with the vendor.In addition to our audits, we offer the following services:

  • Billing Dispute Resolution
  • Telecom Cost Analysis
  • Telecom Inventory Build-out
  • Telecom Expense Management Consulting

Paying too much


“I have had the pleasure of partnering with PathSetters on very complex voice and data projects.  PathSetters has been very instrumental to the success of our projects, paying attention to detail and outstanding follow-up.  It is without reservation that I endorse PathSetters for all our telephone audits and dealings with telephone and Cable companies.”
Dave Aguilar, Charter Business: Fiber Solutions

“PathSetters saved us 30% on Telecom! Originally, we hired PathSetters to review our provider bills and contract. PathSetters discovered savings, missing services and billing errors that would have gone undetected for the life of our contract. At the expiration of that contract, BCI contacted PathSetters to compare multiple providers and choose a provider that was right for our company. With their help we were able to implement a fiber optic solution. PathSetters was able to negotiate with a new vendor to provide the fiber optic to our building at no cost and to provide a substantial upgrade in services for 30% less than we were paying our previous provider. We are a small company so we hired PathSetters to manage our project, compare our provider bills, help us disconnect with our previous provider, etc. PathSetters worked with the providers and their contractors to ensure that we received all the savings we were promised, received all the services as guaranteed and followed the contract requirements to quit our former provider, avoiding penalties. PathSetters operates professionally, patiently and with integrity. I would highly recommend PathSetters.”
Martha Harting, Chief Financial Officer, Boone Center Inc.

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